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At MC Commercial Inc., protecting your privacy is very important to us.

Our goal is to treat the personal information you furnish us with the utmost respect, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains how personal information about you may be collected, used, or disclosed as a consequence of your activities on this Site. We urge you to read it carefully. By accessing, using and/or downloading materials from this Site, you agree on your own behalf and on behalf of each entity on whose behalf you act to the terms of this Privacy Policy and to the practices for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information as described here. Please note that this Site is also governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use, which can be accessed by clicking on the link in this sentence. We urge you to review the Terms and Conditions of Use before proceeding further on this Site.

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Anonymous browsing

You can visit this Site without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself, including your e-mail address. In this case, our Web server may collect the name address, the IP address and domain you used to access this Site, the type and version of browser and operating system you are using, and the web site you came from and visit next. This information may be used by us and our business partners to measure the number of visits, average time spent, page views, and other statistics about visitors to this Site in general. We may also use this data to monitor site performance for systems administration purposes, to make this Site easier and more convenient to use and to report information in aggregate form to our advisers (e.g. how many visitors log in to this Site).


Cookies are small pieces of data stored by your Internet browser on your computer's hard drive, which permit us to recognize you when you access this Site. If you are browsing, a cookie is used to help us measure the number of visits, average time spent, page views, and other statistics relating to your use of this Site. This cookie, by itself, doesn't tell us your e-mail address or who you are. If you decide to register on-line with us, we may collect additional information to provide tailored offerings or content to you. In this case, we use cookies to recognize you on subsequent visits and make your on-line experience more convenient, unless prohibited by the law of the jurisdiction where our server is located or which otherwise applies.

You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to prevent cookies from being sent. Please note, however, that by not accepting cookies, you will limit the functionality we can provide you when you visit this Site.

Tracking user preferences also helps us serve you targeted advertising. Targeted advertisements are probably more interesting for you and are more productive for our advertisers. Please note that we do not share your personal information with advertisers.

Personal Information Collection

There are times when we may ask you for or you may choose to provide information about yourself [or your business] to assist us in meeting your various needs. This information may be used for the purpose of answering your questions, providing you with products or services you have requested, improving our services, developing and/or informing you of additional products or services provided by MC Commercial Inc., by affiliates of MC Commercial Inc. or by our business partners, that may interest you. To provide these services, we may need to ask you directly to provide, among other things, your name, mailing address, postal code, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth and social insurance number. Also, you may elect to apply on-line for one of our products or services, which may require us to gather additional information from our affiliates and third parties (including credit information) to determine your eligibility. At times, we also conduct on-line surveys to better understand the needs, profiles, and experience of our visitors. You will be given the option of not participating in such surveys. Once you provide us such information about yourself, your browsing on this Site will no longer be anonymous to us. Please note that we do not knowingly solicit information from children and we do not knowingly market our products and services to children.
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When you provide information to us, we may communicate and disclose your information to our affiliates and other third parties for the purpose of fulfilling, servicing and completing your requests and the transactions related to it. These affiliates and third parties may be in Canada or in other parts of the world.

We may also communicate and disclose your information to our affiliates and other third parties, in order to offer you other products and services that may be of interest to you, unless you notify us of your intention to opt-out in the manner described below. If you do not want MC Commercial Inc. to use your personal information or to share your personal information with our affiliates or third parties for the purpose of offering you other products and services, please click the "Opt-Out" box where appropriate.

Occasionally, we may send you e-mail communications with information, which may be useful to you, including information about our products and services or about offerings from MC Commercial Inc. and our affiliates or third parties. We will include instructions in our e-mail messages on how to unsubscribe if you later decide you do not want to receive any future e-mails or other marketing contacts.

We may also aggregate statistics that we gather about the visitors to the Site, sales, traffic patterns, and products and services and provide these statistics to third parties; however, when we do, these statistics will not include any personal information that identifies individuals.

We may also use, disclose and communicate your personal information if required to do so by law including by an order of any court.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information you provide to us is not used by our affiliates or third parties for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Policy.

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Where MC Commercial Inc. considers it appropriate, MC Commercial Inc. uses encryption and/or authentication tools among other methods to protect certain web-based personal information.

Please note when you send E-mails to us, they are not necessarily secure when they are transmitted to us. If your communication is sensitive or includes confidential information such as a credit card number, you may want to provide it by post or via the telephone instead. We instruct our employees with access to your information that it is to be used only in adherence with the principles set forth in this Privacy Policy and the laws applicable to each specific business. Employees who misuse customer information may be subject to disciplinary action.
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MC Commercial Inc. reserves the right to modify or supplement this Privacy Policy statement at any time. If we make any material change to this Privacy Policy, we will update this Site to include such changes and post a notice on our home page, for a period of [30] days, with a link to the updated Privacy Policy. Please read any such notice and the new policy statement. If you return to this Site after a period of more than [30] days, please check this Privacy Policy to confirm that you are aware of the details of the most recent update. Scroll down to the bottom of this Privacy Policy to check the date that it was updated and to confirm that you are familiar with the terms of the most recent update. Your continued use of this Site after we post such notice will constitute your acceptance of the new terms and their application to your use of this Site and the information disclosed for such use, including information previously furnished us, as if they were the initial terms, and your consent to the use of your personal information as described in this privacy policy and elsewhere at our website. However, we will seek your consent if we want to use your personal information for purposes other than those you have agreed to previously.
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This Site may contain links to other sites, including those of our business partners, vendors and advertisers. While we try to link only to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy, please understand that we are not responsible for the content of, or the privacy practices employed by, other sites.
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Privacy procedures specific to certain products or services from MC Commercial Inc. can be found on our Site at the location of the particular products or services. Those procedures are an addendum to this policy, and are provided to you at the place where they will be of most use to you. In addition, when you provide your personal information to us in an on-line request for one of our products or services, more specific procedures of how we may collect, use and disclose that information may be provided with the request. We encourage you to read these procedures, as well as the posted privacy policies of other web sites you visit.

Last updated March, 2006.
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